Gabriela Hess

We communicate through images and shapes, but words are a means to an end for every message we want to share.

With a background in figurative arts and graphics in Lugano (CH) followed by studies in classic, modern and experimental calligraphy, Gabriela Hess is specialized in creating universes of words. She mastered her technique attending workshops all over the world, travelling between Switzerland, Italy, England, and the United States.

A twenty-year journey which gave life to her signature style.

She addresses everybody who wants to stand out for refined and unique communications.

Her work has been published in graphic, calligraphy and typography books and magazines. Gabriela is an active member of the Swiss Calligraphic Association, the Italian Calligraphic Association, and the Ticino Calligraphy Group.

In 2003 she opened her Calligraphy Atelier, an immersive space of ancient papers, nibs, inks, and contemporary writing instruments.
Here handmade logos and advertising slogans are born, such as the one created for Lindt’s Passion Chocolate products, or the writings designed for international luxury brands like Bally, Montblanc, Louis Vuitton, and Bulgari.

Gabriela is constantly exploring and experimenting new techniques and materials with particular attention to the ethical aspects of production.

Over the years, she has been collaborating with creatives whom she has trained to be calligraphers, such as Benedetta Galante Gnecchi, working on calligraphic projects for different companies or boutiques and participating in Live calligraphy events.

Gabriela’s experimentation and studies led her to define her own writing: Sunscript made of gestural letters, creative but easy to read forms.

“My art does not only consist in interpreting and drawing the sense of things; rather it is letting sensations flow through me, perhaps trying to give a countenance to a sound which has been forgotten or concealed within a form. When I am creating it is as if I need to evolve, to reach an understanding of the shades of meaning in each gesture, abandoning myself completely to the movements which give life to the sensations”



  • MONTBLANC, Hamburg – Genève
  • LOUIS VUITTON, Switzerland
  • GALVOLUX, Bioggio
  • BALLY, Switzerland
  • GÜBELIN, Luzern
  • PRADA, Lugano
  • LINDT & SPRÜNGLI, Switzerland
  • LANDOLT – ARBENZ, Zürich

  • ATRE, Bioggio
  • MIMISOL di Imelde Bronzieri, Italia
  • PREMEC, Switzerland
  • IMMOHOME, Zollikon
  • POESTATE, Lugano
  • RAIFFEISEN, Lugano
  • MATRIMONIALMENTE, Varese-Pantelleria
  • WEDDING & EVENTS, Zürich

Solo exhibitions

  • 1999 “Cantico delle Creature”- Convento del Bigorio
  • 2002 “Cantico dei Cantici”- Serralunga d’Alba, Italia
  • 2003 “Deviazione” con Flavia Zanetti, Officinaarte, Magliaso
  • 2004 “Manna Kunsthuis” – Bruges, Belgio
  • 2005 “Segni” – Castello di Ponte Tresa
  • 2005 “Kulturstätte Lengnau” – Berna
  • 2007 “Lux–Umbra” – Galleria Stellanove , Mendrisio
  • 2011 “L’eternità racchiusa in un solo attimo”- con Patrizia Balmelli , Riva San Vitale
  • 2014 “Incontro tra madre e figlia” – con mamma Rosemarie Hess, Ristorante La Palma, Ticino
  • 2015 “EXPO Milano” performance dal vivo per padiglione Corriere della Sera
  • 2016 “Dalla Grafica all’Africa” – Ex Asilo Ciani, Lugano
  • 2017 “Im Zeichen” – Müllershaus, Lenzburg


  • 1998 “Poesia della Scrittura” – con ACI e SKG e Museo Hermann Hesse a Ponte Tresa
  • 2001 “Museé des Beaux Arts”- Les Locle con l’Associazione Calligrafica Svizzera
  • 2001 “Finzioni alfabetiche” – Biblioteca Braidense, Milano
  • 2002 “Versi d’inchiostro” – Biblioteca salita dei Frati, Lugano
  • 2004 “Scrivere” – Museo d’arte, Mendrisio
  • 2005 “Grigiori”  – Officinaarte, Magliaso
  • 2006 “Migrazioni”- con ass. culturale l’Arco e la Fonte a Siracusa, Italia
  • 2007 “Oltre il museo” –  Museo del Malcantone, Curio
  • 2009 “illeggibile” – Gruppo Calligrafia Ticino, Stabio
  • 2010 “Über Schrift” – con Associazione Calligrafica Svizzera, Stansstad
  • 2012 “Ogni pagina una storia” – con Calligrafia Ticino, Biblioteca Cantonale di Lugano
  • 2013 “Haus für Kunst”- Altdorf, Uri
  • 2016 “Artisti di EXPO” – Galleria Il Rivellino a Locarno
  • 2018 “Walkabout#01_ Incantamento” Fondazione Fabbrica Cioccolato Cima Norma, Ticino


  • 2001 “Il segno per Palomar” – servizio  TSI-Televisione Svizzera Italiana.
  • 2002 Primo Premio al concorso “Premi de Ciutadela de Menorca” (E)
  • 2010 Primo Premio per ventesimo dell’Associazione Calligrafica Svizzera
  • 2012 “La parola e il gesto “ CULT TV, TSI il 12.2.2012
  • 2012 POESTATE, Lugano omaggio a Shakespeare. Performance dal vivo
  • 2013 “CARNAL” opera teatrale con performance calligrafiche dal vivo
  • 2015 “Passatempo” RSI 1