Sunscript designed by Gabriela Hess combines two different styles, Italic and English cursive, and is executed with a rapid and free gesture completely devoid of rigidity and formalism. Its brilliant rays are created with pens that have a very long fine point, ideally suited to this particular form of expression. Course Programme This new calligraphy style is approached in an unusual way. We do not begin by studying the letters but from the abstract forms of which they are composed. It is a philosophical approach that requires receptiveness and inner freedom, which are cultivated by tracing abstract lines. The writing tool is a small pen with a long, fine very flexible point that enables rapid writing on a small or large scale. A mastery of English Copperplate script and Italic is essential, both for lower-case and upper-case letters. These are soon inserted in a written text, striving above all for fluidity in the script and ligatures, by coordinating. The course lasts from 2 to 5 days. Ask for more information.